La Merde

A fine suit's elegant power is so appealing, it's a shame you can only wear one during occasions involving boring people standing around in fine suits. Injecting suit spirit into casual outerwear, La Merde.

Out of Portland, Merde's new fall drop uses fresh styles and richer textures to refine their novel grafting of traditional suiting materials onto contemporary outerwear, a cheeky step up from the founders' other business, No Star t-shirts, whose motto "Make Smile Happen" now seems to be the first step down the road to...something else that happens. Just-arrived-in-Seattle numbers include slim-cut military inspired action like The Bidness, a hooded, thigh-length, heavy wool blend coat with four bulging utility pockets; The Collins, a notch-collar four button navy wool blazer with silver satin lining and hidden hand pockets; and the hooded, charcoal or olive/red, satin-lined Major Major, named for Catch 22's Henry Fonda lookalike "Major Major Major Major" (what you got now, Yeah Yeah Yeahs?). Lighter weight numbers run from the charcoal/red window pane/satin lined zip-up Albatross; the hooded/bow tie drawstring/light blue satin lined Dudley; and the full-zip Half Nelson in micro herringbone, not just for pitifully endowed lonely fishermen anymore.

La Merde's online store features the full Fall line, and is currently offering items from their Spring collection at steep discounts of up to $100 off -- now go find a guy in a suit to drone on about how to invest that savings wisely.