A pub vet's new Ballard spot

A parents' primary concern when raising a second child is to avoid the mistakes of their first, and if they live in China, do whatever's necessary to make people think they drowned it. Lucky for British-style pubs, The Market Arms lives in Seatown.

Opened by the Brit behind Seattle's quintessential public house (the George and Dragon), this exposed brick, polished-wood heavy drink spot improves on the original's concept by offering a wider array of classic "pub fayre", and classing up its L-shaped space with brass fittings, comfy gentlemen's club-style benches, and 5 flatscreens (one can be seen from every seat -- even on the patio) that'll show local and international soccer, starting with tonight's Sounders match, giving you a good excuse to hit the bar, unlike Roger Levesque. Dinner includes classics like Sausage & Mustard Grain Mash w/ onion gravy, and a cheddar cheese mashed potato topped beef/pea/carrot Shepherd's Pie, while AM options range from Heinz Baked Beans on Toast, to a British banger/eggs/bacon/mushroom/tomato/baked beans Full English, which is really sick of people denying that its grandmum is from Wales. The British-ness extends to their most cherished tradition -- drinking -- with more than a dozen taps (Boddingtons, Newcastle), and hard-stuff like rum (Appleton Estate), scotch (Glenmorangie, Auchentoshan), and gins like Boodles and Plymouth, which takes its name from one of America's incredibly successful automobile manufacturers some rock.

The MA's also got a daily happy hour with $3 bottled brews (Magners, Kaliber), and apps (jalapeno poppers, onion rings); plus, if you want to catch a match, their website's got a detailed list of up-coming soccer broadcasts that'll help you plan for the future, assuming the Chinese government doesn't already have that figured out for you.