Food & Drink


Camp was the best time in the world, but now that you're older and drink every night, every night is the best time in the world. To see those best times collide, pull up to Shelter. In a former gas station (and tire shop, and bistro) completely overhauled by three Ballard boys, Shelter's a cedar-constructed, campground lean-to-inspired space dominated by a circular indoor/outdoor bar split by three garage-style doors; on one side, there's a small, banquette-lined dining room, and on the other, a large covered patio outfitted with a fire pit to keep your weenie roasted even when you're in shorts, and it's winter. Upscale bar-food starts with sandwiches served on Grand Central Baking Co. breads, from the slow-roasted pork shoulder/caramelized onion/provolone/serrano pepper Shelter Signature, to the pepper jack/red onions/avocado/chipotle aioli Spicy Grilled Cheese, to the pressed & grilled pork/ham/pickles/Swiss Shelter Cuban, slathered with tangy mustard that packs more pop at the plate than Yuniesky Betancourt. Creative belly-filling continues with breaded & deep fried Avocado Fries, seared rare Ahi Crisps (served on fried wonton w/ creamy lime sauce), breaded & seasoned Chicken Drumettes, and Panko-breaded jalapeno poppers stuffed lunch-sack style with cream cheese and PB&J; entrees come with choice of rice & beans or mashers & corn on the cob, and're highlighted by fresh-caught wild salmon, carne asada, and cumin-rubbed chicken marinated in Sailor Jerry's, just like Sailor Jerry.As for the booze itself, there's a small but distinguished selection of taps (Maritime IPA, Negra Modelo...), plus Tecate tall boys and pirate-friendly cocktails from the Dark & Stormy to a Spice Rum Float. On weekends, further entertainment'll be provided by DJs Tamm, Victor Menegaux, and Pete Bitty -- the very camp nickname that lead to your drinking in the first place.