Comfortably classy American cuisine

It's great when sons can exceed their father's legacy, like the Manning boys winning the championships Archie never did, or John Quincy Adams, who unlike his father, accomplished both becoming president and not looking like Paul Giamatti. Deliciously building on their dad's dreams, the guys behind Ted's Bulletin

Named for the owners' "neighborhood cook" father who reportedly fed passers-by and dreamed of opening his own spot, Ted's is a comfortably classy American eatery outfitted with art-deco accents taken from the 1928 Philadelphia Convention Center, including a front area decked with a green marble-backed bar, and a grand back dining room with massive hanging lamps, a huge central skylight, and a B&W projector playing old movies on the wall, setting the stage for you to Bogart all the free bread. The food's "upscale casual", with all-day breakfasts like the three-eggs/bacon/sausage/pancakes "Big Mark", and heartiness like house-ground brisket burgers and linguine for two in red sauce with pork and beef meatballs, all bolstering a front-room pastry station serving everything from peanut butter pie, to 7-Up cake, to house-made pop tarts (w/ their own strawberry jam), which you won't stuff uneaten into your locker, unless they get into house-made Toaster Strudel. Old-school booziness comes via bottles and cans including nostalgia-inducing Schlitz, a tap pouring unnamed light or dark ale, and a specialty cocktail list named after West Virginian locales (w/ most using ice from a thousand-dollar Macallan press) like the Sazerac rye/cognac/vermouth/bitters "Old Mingo Square", and the "The Red Jacket", with house raspberry syrup, Grand Marnier, raspberries, and Chairman's rum -- of course, when you're hanging out with Sinatra, all the rum is his rum

Awesomely, they've also got an often-creative milkshake list courtesy of their in-house "Shaketender", including standouts like Fluffernutter, plus "adult milkshakes" spiked with Bailey's and Kahlua -- just take it easy, lest you end up walking out the door Sideways, and Pigvomiting.