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Shave and a... whiskey?

It's nice if you can find a barber that can hook you up with a little something extra, effectively ruling out Marion, who's pretty much only good for a yard and a half. Hooking you up with way more than just hair cuts, 1512 Spirits

From a super slick Italian dude named Sal who comes from a long line of bootleg distillers and straight-razor-shaving master barbers, 1512 is a freshly minted boutique distillery up in Rohnert Park -- named after Sal's vintage barbershop at 1512 Pine in Nob Hill -- now slinging its debut release: Barbershop Rye, also the name of the failed J.D. Salinger follow-up to Catcher where Holden realizes he can't save children from losing their innocence, but he can do a sick box fade. Limiting production to just 215 bottles a month (all 375ml), 1512's handcrafted, 91-proof, 100-percent rye whiskey is made in 70gal batches using two custom copper stills that're flame fired (unlike commercial distilleries), feature hand-crank-crushed grains, and are bottled straight from the still, completely un-aged, just like certain parts of Helen Mirren. Taking five years and several sample tastings from shop customers to master, 1512's BSR -- which features a 1923 photo of his moonshine-making grandfather and two mobsters on the back of the bottle -- already has an American Distillers Institute bronze medal (won last week in Portland with their first batch) and a spot in the bar program at the highly respected Father's Office in LA, plus you can also get it at a half dozen SF liquor stores including Cask and Liquid Experience, which LeBron's mom is all about these days

Future releases from 1512 include a cherry-smoked bourbon and a fully aged rye in a three gallon American white oak barrel, where it's supposed to sit for four months, which is pretty much Marion's plan, whether there's a labor strike or not.