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ATL's beloved beer guru is here to guide you

Tomorrow kicks off Atlanta Beer Week: a 216hr tour of everything brew at the city's best draught-houses and bottle bars. Luckily for you, we tapped beer genius and polarizing democratic figure with amazing hair Ale Sharpton to shepherd you through the suds, lest you end up with your whole week awash. Here're his tips:

Place To Drink With Your Lady: The Porter You’ll get three Southern Tier beers (Mokah, Creme Brûlée, Java) paired with mini desserts. Ale says, "Mokah's like liquid chocolate. With Java you get the coffee, the dessert, and beer all in one. And Creme Brûlée’s sweet, and something you wanna take home, like your girl", unless of course she's just totally Frosty.

Hop Heads Unite!: 3rd Annual Hop Harvest Festival at Brick Store Pub "It's one of the top 10 beer pubs in the world according to RateBeer, so they're not cutting corners. They're gonna go with people who know their sh*t about hops", which also explains why Blake Griffin is interning for Harold Miner during the lockout.

Get High...ABV: The Fred "You can't say Terrapin without Spike. His signature's on the back of pretty much every damn bottle, and he went all the way to Switzerland to create something for ABW to be served at my favorite hideaway, The Fred", which he says only because he can't get into The Fred's favorite hideaway, The Wilma.

Best Beer-Accompanying Food: Holeman & Finch "I love their burger. Since they have the cuisine and cocktails, they're doing this beer-inspired stuff this time, so you'll dig it even if you're a beer hater and you just want the essence", especially if they're fresh out of Ebony. And Jet. And Vibe, too?!? Damn.

Best Patio/Outdoor Sipping: TAP "Tap's not only a cool location, they have a great beer selection. The patio's set on Peachtree, which is the gateway to everything. And if you get really nice, just take a walk down the street to peep some art at the High", even if that seems counter to the whole idea of walking yours off.