Get your tipple (and fried bologna sandwich) on

If you have a phobia of truly excellent cocktails or innovative uses for denim, you should avoid The Pinewood Tippling Room; everyone else should breeze through the linen-curtain entrance to find a toolshelf-ish wooden bar (stocked with bitters and Mason-jarred beverages), and the general feeling that someone plopped a hidden-yet-happenin' hangout for real drinkers inside a funky '70s woodshop. Respected libationist T. Fable Jeon and staff don denim aprons that make them look like cocktail butchers, though they do anything but to handcrafted potions ranging from Moscow Mules w/ housemade ginger syrup, to signatures like the "Day That I Die" w/ roasted GA pecan tincture, Bulleit rye, and syrup derived from buckwheat honey, which was rumored to be Darla's nickname when visiting the Hood. Keep from over-tippling/tippling over by padding your belly with meals curated by Julia LeRoy (you know her from LeRoy's), such as olive oil & herb popcorn, fried Pine St Market bologna sammies, and sweet potatoes, spinach, creme fraiche, and parmigiano-reggiano stuffed into phyllo to create "bombers" sure to turn any Little Boy into a Fat Man. Back to that drinking: ask and they'll set you up with 750ml bottles of 8.4% ABV Tripel Karmeliet, a pint of Unibroue Blanche de Chambly, or a house rum punch, too much of which will have your own wood shop not receiving a passing grade.