Chicken and the Egg
Barrel-Aged Cocktails at Chicken and the Egg


The farm-fresh spot dropped five new drinks that've been aged in-house in American oak barrels, including the Upper West Side (Woodford Reserve, Grand Marnier, allspice dram, Angosturas), and one made with Breckenridge bourbon, American Spirit whiskey, bacon-infused Bulleit Rye, vermouth, and Bitter End Memphis BBQ Bitters, which's called "Uncle Rukus", a name that will be ironically foreign to all those West Cobbers living in The Boondocks.

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1. Chicken and the Egg 800 Whitlock Ave, Marietta, GA 30064

Chicken and the Egg is an American restaurant with a Southern comfort food tilt. Accompanying this eatery's stacked menu is a wide selection of drinks from California-grown red wine to Quebec's rich, dark Maudite Ale.

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