Marietta finally gets its to-go beer jug on

Because building a business around dropping trou in front of Dobermans will just come back to bite you in the ass, Moondog is Marietta’s first growler-as-main-business beer shop, run by a GSU Law grad, a home-brewing local businessman, and an engineer who designed the shiny tap system sitting behind the 14ft stone checkerboard counter, and just below the backlit steel logo of a lunar-howling canine.

They've got 32oz and 64oz jugs for your choice of 30 craft taps, including a serious selection of locals like Terrapin Rye, Monday Night's Scotch & IPA, Red Brick's HopLanta & Laughing Skull, and Sandy Springs-based O'Dempsey's Big Red -- enough of which will definitely make you last a little longer.

There're also rarer taps like Widmer Brothers Pitch Black IPA, and bitter/citrusy, 9.5% Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout from Leinenkugel, plus Southeastern low-buzzers such as Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan, and earthy/malty Rye Hopper from French Broad, which you know puts out... really good beers!

Their website's "Beer 101" section has great tips, including quick but thorough descriptions of each brew currently on tap, a food/cheese/dessert pairing chart, and tasting notes, in which that Doberman said “good body, lasting mouthfeel, but tastes like ass”.