Coldbrews Sports Bar & Grill goes raw

Coldbrews owner Mimmo may not laugh at jokes linking his name with a famously lost animated fish (just kidding, he totally will), but since he loves fresh seafood even more than your sense of humor he's created Oyster Bar, an intimate shuck-shack in the Roswell sports tavern's back corner with tall, arching windows, paper-topped tables, and a black marble bar in front of a Cartier-esque display with iced shellfish instead of iced watches

Mimmo found himself on a pilgrimage to NO a few weeks ago to take culinary notes, then came back with his own 'Easy-inspired recipes for a hearty shrimp & oyster gumbo and a sweet orange lobster bisque, plus Gulf oysters Rockefellered, char-grilled N'awlins-style, or served cold by the half-dozen w/ house Mignonette sauce that sits for a few weeks to marinate, after which it will be prepared to engage in a more aggressive presidential debate. You can (and should!) also grab a whole Cajun-spiced Maine lobster w/ organic spuds & corn, or a huge platter w/ a pound of PEI mussels, a split-pound of steamed shrimp & crab legs, and four raw oysters, which together they call the "OB", only because even in death nothing's ever raw enough for ODB

Because nothing goes with oysters like spinning back-kicks they'll have all pay-per-view MMA on for free, and just because they're swell, you can also grab daily specials including $18+ lobsters for $10 on Tuesdays, which also brings a similarly wondrous deal on those crab leg pounds, which you should not try to give Mimmo while making Pixar jokes, unless you want him to call you a clown, fish.