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Smyrna's first growler shop has balls. Beer cheesecake balls!

Because Smyrna has already suffered long enough just having a name like Smyrna, the beer gods have blessed it with the town's first growler shop, which pours suds specifically picked to pair with snacks and meats sold right there in-house.The counter made of reclaimed wood & exposed nails will host 45 taps: half'll change weekly (Make a request! Red Dog!), 40% will always be ATLien, and the remainder will stay mostly Southeast. The opening list includes Burnt Hickory Governor's Pike (a caramelized carrot- & ginger-flavored Belgian dubbel), porters (Red Hare's 8% Retro-Reserve Chocolate), and 11 IPAs like Boulevard's Double Wide, which offers caramel flavors without the sneaking suspicion that Nana hasn't replenished that bowl of Werther's in 35 years.Their website offers suggestions for food pairings such as shrimp & lobster for Abita's Biere De Garde, and they also carry Phickles pickles (okra, carrots, green tomatoes), East Cobb's Heywood meats (duck pastrami, the 40% bacon Baco-Burger), and cheddar apple cider beer cheesecake balls, which will bless your taste buds even as your heart suffers long after.