Food & Drink

Cool cocktails and sushi in the Northwest ATL 'burbs

Things are anything but Vanilla at ICE Martini Bar, a sushi and cocktail lounge conceived by married owners Peggy and Danny Snow (how's that for temperature/ white rapper coincidences?!), who went To The Extreme in creating a North Pole-esque interior featuring white-curtained VIP areas with white leather banquettes, and a glowing blue, marble-topped bar whose glass cabinet and LED-lit bottom resembles blocks of frozen H2O

All six drafts are craft (8.2% Southern Tier Mocha, Goose Island's saison...), and all martinis are serious, from the "Smoky" (Belvedere in a Macallan 12-rinsed glass w/ a torched lemon twist), to the "New-Fashioned", which spikes an Old Fashioned with Red Bull to ironically turn you into a Monster. All the while you can get tapas-y on pork plates (sweet chili belly over arugula), or seafood like baked BBQ eel w/ Mediterranean panko & Parmesan, octopus Italiano, or spicy tuna tartare w/ lychee, pear, pine nuts, and a quail egg, which Dan laid when he started spelling other foods

As for that sushi, you're looking at nigiri/ sashimi like Japanese red snapper, plus specialties including the Grand Dragon (crab, avocado, eel, cucumber), and the smoked salmon/ onion/ truffle oil/ scallops Snow Roll, which is just what the reggae-lite MC does when he spots an Informer while driving.