From Russia, with ice. And sushi. And hella vodka.

Taking a break from that exhausting Slavic supreme-ruler-dom, Czar is the city's first ice bar, and it's ready to serve you 300 vodkas (and, naturally, master-cheffed sushi) in an anything-but-modest space with crystal chandeliers, a stormy blue illuminated ceiling, Peter the Great paintings (they're pretty good), and a 27ft bar topped with a constantly refreshed, 4in-thick plank of ice.

Throw sushi chef Saito Saito the deuces (mainly because he's got two of the same name) as he fixes up wasabi pork dumplings, mackerel nigiri, the "Lady on the Beach" roll w/ spicy tuna, asparagus, mango & chili sauce, and the veggie-stuffed "Lobster in Love", who has finally managed to completely forget about his ex... oskeleton.

Ranging from civilian high-ends like Double Cross to mightily baller/expensive HDW CLIX, the vodka selection would impress most Russian novelists (not Dostoevsky... God, what a hater), yet literally the coolest move is to get a custom flight of four samples served on an ice block, or pick pre-arranged setups like the Soda Fountain w/ root beer, grape, cola, and Mountain Dew-flavored guys.

You can also snag seasonal house-infused vodkas (lemon thyme, spicy pepper, lemongrass, etc.), or a definitely worth-it $400 martini with CLIX and caviar-stuffed olives in a Swarovski crystal glass you get to take home -- something that hopefully also applies to a lucky lady who will call your own Peter "pretty good".