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Rosebud's owners now let you get rowdy

There're certain things you can get away with in a bar that you can't in a restaurant, like talking at higher decibels, wearing your comfiest clothing, and stabbing Sam Elliot just to really piss Dalton off. Starting a bar for similar reasons after running a successful restaurant, the team behind The Family Dog

Its name a nod to the infamous SF music venue, TFD's an awesomely low-brow bar from Chef Ron Eyester and company, set directly across from his Rosebud resto and featuring a huge wood-framed Grateful Dead mural, a jazz-to-Hank-Williams jukebox, and a foosball table, all intended to be mostly reliant on good drinking/ music/ times, as Ron says "everything's gonna feel very natural", so it should be a hit with dudes who haven't given up lambskin. Beers range from high-brows (Wild Heaven Ode To Mercy, Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA...) to less-frillsy brews like Schlitz; there'll also be wines by the glass or half/full bottle, plus cocktails like the "Chet Helms" w/ pisco, Campari, vermouth, and fresh-squeezed lemon, and the Aviation-esque Boodles gin/ lemon/ Maraschino liqueur "Morningsider", not to be confused with Morningslider, which just featured an unshaven Jerry O'Connell, and the fat smart guy. Food's all under $15 and sourced from Rosebud's farm-to-table suppliers, including all-day breakfast items, (housemade corned beef hash, hashbrown casserole), sammies (seared tuna banh mi w/ teriyaki pickles & sambal mayo), and a noodle bowl w/ ham hock shrimp broth and soft poached egg; they're intentionally simple, since Ron says "We're not trying to win a f***ing James Beard award", which is understandable, since LeBron's facial hair never even cuddles afterward

There're 70+ whiskeys you can mix and match in a flight, and there'll be a small brunch menu available from noon to 4p on weekends which you'll have to enjoy with possibly loud music, as with the bar come new rules like "no one can ask me to turn the music down", especially because the more bottles you throw at Jeff Healy, the louder and louder he plays

Photos by James Camp

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