Food & Drink

Midtown eats & drinks are here to save your life

ObamaCare is officially, really, seriously the law of the land now, but that doesn't mean it's safe to keep going H.A.M. on those pork chops, so why not stop by OrganiX, the slickly polished, marble-bricked, center-barred lounge Phoenix that rose from Entice A's ashes to keep you from dying with a massive range of nothing-but-natural food and drink.The healthy boozing includes five cocktails made with organic herbs, produce, juices, and spirits, such as the "St. Jermaine" w/ organic gin/ mint/ cucumber/ ginger, Rain Vodka Cape Cods, and 'ritas w/ organic sour mix, plus non-organic 'tails like French Martinis, Sicilian Kisses, and Woo Woos, which unlike Woo Woo Woos, weren't made in 1986 by Jeffrey Osborne.Then there're organic edibles like sautéed Swiss chard, salmon croquettes, and preservative-free chicken wings, which you can down while enjoying weekly events like live jazz & blues on Sat and Fashion Fridays featuring local designers both you and Obama should Care about.