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Your new Midtown seafood & sports duplex

If you've ever said "get these chicken wings out of my face, good sir, and bring me some pan-seared scallops while I watch football like a true American", then you'll be very excited about Fins, a sleek, seafood-centric sports bar in an early-20th-century bungalow with a glass-enclosed front patio and HDs all around, plus a downstairs lounge with rugged stone walls and beachy artwork.That seafood selection includes starters like definitely not Erick Dampier shrimp-stuffed chipotle peppers and crab/ chorizo/ goat cheese rolls, plus a cucumber-not-tomato Lobster BLC, lobster mac-n-cheese w/ Cognac & fontina, and mint chutney-sided cod battered in curry.Necessary turfs include tempura-fried grilled cheese and baby-backs w/ honey/ soy/ Sriracha glaze, and you can finish yourself off with a SoCo coconut layer cake, or just drink the real stuff thanks to a full bar and ~50 beers including Ommegang Abbey, Decatur's Wild Heaven Ode To Mercy, and a few from Rogue, also what they'll call anyone with the nerve to order jalapeno poppers in this place.