Be the first to drink while playing Rampage in the O4W

Prepare to prove your Guile and have a Bal... rog just by hopping in your E. Honda to get the first look at Joystick Gamebar during a pre-opening party on Fri just for Thrillist readers. Some sweet geniuses have turned Edgewood's old Dynamic Dish into a wonderland of classic arcaders, childhood-inspired bites, and not-childhood-inspired cocktails (unless Rip Torn was your Scoutmaster), with a high-score-tracking blackboard present to shame you all the while. What this beauteous heaven holds

Games: There'll be a gang of retro faves, including 8-bit alien shooters like Space Invaders, fighters from Street Fighter II to four-player X-Men, and side-scrollers like Vs. The Goonies, and Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja, who clearly have no shot against the Bad Dudes unless it has another DragonNinja it can coordinate tight tank tops and gloves with

Food: Chef Mark Nanna (Pura Vida, FLIP Burger) has gone into a very creative way-back machine to work up tomato jam & chevre doughnuts and steamed buns w/ pork belly braised in Kool-Aid

Drinks: Destroy your hand-eye coordination with 'tails like the Las Flores Locos w/ two rums, amaro & rose water, the Sazerac/Old Fashioned-ish DellaPietro w/ maple syrup & flamed orange rind, or the neighborhood association-repping "4th & SAND", something you'll enjoy for shore

Now, back to that sneak preview: to be one of only 100 to get in, you've just gotta post a photo of yourself mimicking a (recognizable) Street Fighter move and caption it with "#Thrillist" on Joystick's Facebook page, so just be sure to do the best you Ken.