Food & Drink

It's back, now with more ultra-clandestine drinking and music

If you thought Vesuvius would never erupt again, think twice, then think about how awesome it's gonna be when the P'cheen family takes over the thought-to-be-dead pizzeria, and makes it everything you ever wished, as long as you wished for a bomb-ass, volcano-muraled 'za joint with a deftly concealed speakeasy and an even defter-ly concealed "Music Room"

The Pies: They've still got some of the revered wood-fired NY-style jobs like the sausage/ pepperoni/ applewood-smoked bacon/ smoked ham/ pepperoncini Kilimanjaro, but also new, dine-in-only Neapolitans like the fig jam/ prosciutto/ gorg Fico, or the Bone Lick, which, like their upcoming joint, is full of BBQ like brisket, pulled pork, and fried collards

The Speakeasy: Under normal circumstances, you'd totally walk past the wall-mounted bookshelf on the way to the restroom, because it is full of books. But look closer and realize it's a squeaky wooden door that leads to the new full bar, made '20s-chic with dim, churchy lamps, vintage wallpaper, and a projector showing silent gangster films, in which they presumably talk with their hands even more

The Music Room: Maybe the best part of it all. From the street, that shiz'll look like somebody's living room (couches, tables...), but step inside and walk over to a gold mirror-ish wall, talk to the dude behind it, and he'll let you through a fireplace to the downstairs area to get down to bands and funk-tastic DJs, most of whom you don't even have to Pompeii for

Top left photo by Caleb J. Spivak