Union City sports bar shows respect for the ballers

There're many ways to pay homage to your sports heroes, from collecting their autographs, to wearing their jerseys, to just sucking it up and French-kissing Joe Namath. Honoring ATL's own athletic heroes with edibles & drink-ables: Legends Sports Bar & Grill, opening next Thursday.

The first of five soon-coming Metro ATL locations, Legends is starting in the UC with this sprawling game-watching megaplex with 23 TVs (including three 11ft-wide jumbos), four custom poker tables, a practice putting strip, and signed memorabilia galore, put together by local design guru Doug Hines, who also styled Harlem Bar, Social House, and Rare, thought anybody who's visited would argue it's actually quite well-done. The "Starting Lineup" includes tempura-battered jalapeno poppers, plus chicken, beef, and crab cake sliders with house-cut fries; there're also Chicago dogs, flash-fried tilapia hoagies, and dual-pattied, 1lb Angus burgers like the "Hammering Hank" smoked BBQ bacon w/ caramelized onions & blue cheese, and the Swiss cheese/ sauteed 'shrooms "Holyfield", which Mike Tyson will only take like, two bites of. Go heavier with Creole mustard-sauteed Cajun shrimp & crab pasta, a double serving of smoked 5oz lobster tails w/ garlic parsley butter, or the Black Angus "Legend House Porterhouse", which weighs in at 22oz, and will eventually lead to your own double deuce.

Because USA Today recently reported that people enjoy drinking while watching sports, the bar comes at you with four categories of hard drinks (Martinis, 'ritas, shots, and "specialties"), all manner of drafts, and 30 bottles including Shock Top Belgian Wheat, Harp, and Fat Tire -- Broadway's Joe's version of which was the very reason Suzy Kolber refused to smooch him...what else could it be?