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Published On 02/06/2012 Published On 02/06/2012

Though Martin Lawrence would tell you the opposite, you really should go There, because this time, instead of being where Pam and Gina always take the argument, it's a spankin' new "gastro-bar" with shark-fin blue walls (it's a real color), an original painting by Herbert Creecy (a Jackson Pollock student), and a J-shaped bar made from recycled hardwood floors and featuring a plaque dedicated to the owner's childhood friend Clarence Clemons, Springsteen's dearly departed sax player.

Get going with bar snacks (pepitas, smoked nuts, house trail mix), or small plates like crab dip w/ Manchego & piquillo peppers, smoked trout deviled eggs w/ duck prosciutto, and sausages made of alligator and boar, even though alligators are usually highly stimulating and exciting! Or maybe that's crocodiles.

From there, it's hand-held eats including smoked salmon or bison burgers, a ham-’n-cheese melt w/ tomato bisque, or the Mahi Cubano, plus desserts like carrot cake made with spicy rum and "Mom's special formula", which’s not to be confused with the one for circumference of a circle, as that involves Pi.

The bar'll have eclectic drafts from Red Hare, Monday Night, and Highland Brewing, among others, while also employing house-infused spirits for cocktails like the jalapeno tequila/cilantro Mexican Mojito, backing up their claim that their beverage program "will not be pedestrian", because then you might follow Martin's advice and get ta steppin'.



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