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A one-night stand paying tribute to ATL's legendary club scene

Back in the day, the Buckhead bar district was the pinnacle of ATL's party scene, with throngs of beautiful ladies, ultra-late club hours, and searchlights beaming huge rays of light, which of course all went away with a single visit from the Ray Lewis of death. Travel down that fuzzy memory lane and celebrate the good times, at Buckhead Lives

BL's a nostalgic one-night-only exhibit featuring the last photos ever taken of the strip's hottest hangouts (just before they were demolished for the Streets Of Buckhead project) by Paul Hagedorn, who snuck over the fence, got arrested, and was subsequently kept out of jail by the financial backer of S.O.B., who apparently is not one himself. You'll see photos of such beloved departed spots like the East Village Grille's busted-out windows and seat-cushion-less booths, the stripped-down walls and floors inside World Bar, and the original Tongue & Groove exterior, featuring the bullet-holed dress code printed on the door, which didn't allow athletic apparel, beads, or sloppy dress, which of course for hot women was always easy to skirt. To give the night even more sentimentality they'll be serving the infamous liquor-filled fishbowls popularized by LuLu Bait Shack and an endless supply of popcorn paying homage to The Lodge, plus a sexy girl on a large swing (go Mako's!), and even Uranus' bubble machine, which somehow is not even a fart joke

Several DJs'll be on hand to spin favorite tunes from the era, and they'll be playing a looped slideshow of the entire 50-shot series throughout the venue on video projectors -- which you shouldn't look directly into, even if like the Buckhead Coalition, you're equipped with Ray-Bans.