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Four new spirits created by ATLiens and an open bar

Relying on the timeless thinking that two's company, three's a crowd, and four is a fully integrated line of liquor products, High's the boozy baby of two Atlantans who get small-batch, high-quality liquors produced in distilleries both in, and outside, the States, then pimp them out in futuristically cylindrical, Voss-like bottles. The deal on their four pours:Vodka: It's made in Idaho via a four-column distillation process (basically the equivalent of being distilled 100+ times) to remove the burn before it's blended with pure Rocky Mountain oysters water from a well in the Snake River Plain. Rum: Aged two years in French oak barrels previously used for Cognac, this Trinidad & Tobago-made spirit's "pure & luscious" flavor comes from juice extracted from virgin sugar cane after it's been gently pressed, presumably with phrases like "you'd let me if you loved me".Tequila: It's not just what it is, it's the historic Mexico town from where it originates (Santo Poco; El Guapo's dudes just ride in and steal it. JK! The town's actually called Tequila). There, 100% blue agave gets a slow pot-still distillation after getting steam-roasted in stonewalled brick ovens.Whiskey: Although the mash's made in Kentucky (which apparently looks a lot like Korea if you put up some tents and land a chopper with injured soldiers), it's not a bourbon since the High guys took it over the border to benefit from the talents of a master distiller in Indiana.Best of all, High's having a free party next Thurs, where from 9-10p you'll enjoy an open bar of all four liquors while dance music's spun by DJ Menelik, who's rocked parties for Prince, Big Boi, and Diddy, who generally relies on the timeless thinking "I should really get myself on a jet-ski now that I'm wearing this really nice tuxedo".