Food & Drink

A manly garden of meaty delights

Giving Rainey St's three remaining residents the sausage party they always dreamed of, is Banger's. Rustic but composed (an aesthetic provided by Hillside Farmacy's designers), it's the district's largest biergarten, first live music venue, and, as suggested by the mounted boars' heads and 27ft butcher block bar top, biggest artisan sausage purveyor, with a sprawling lineup that'll have Gotye whining about how he doesn't know you anymore even though you're really just more of the same person.What's On Tap: The former Black Star A massive wall of 103 taps (see the full list here -- it's nutz) whose numbered wood handles (crafted by Hatch Workshop) correspond to a staggering chalkboard menu that's heavy on locals but augmented by everything from Green Flash Retro EPA, to Brooklyn Brewery's Gold Standard Export Kellerbier, to the Deschutes summer ale Twilight, which'll get you snookered enough to blow off a guy named Robert for a guy named Rupert. What's In The Case: Some of the nation's top butchers provide the grindables for 25 rotating linked meats dress-able with housemade condiments, including South Texas Antelope & Venison Merguez, Fried Chicken (served with a "Chef's Momma's biscuit"), and even one made with BBQ bacon & shrimp -- something people hopefully won't call you at the sausage party.