Putting the capital Z in dining, drinking, and lounging

A far more enjoyable way to spend your evening than watching The Russia House on VHS, Russian House brings fine Russian food, spirits, and memorabilia to 5th Street, in an ambitious space run by a former Olympic basketball player and her chef husband, who's cooked everywhere from Moscow to Moscow on the Hudson (NYC).An entirely Russian-speaking staff flits between a towering infused vodka bar; a traditional living room (complete w/ brick oven) filled with household trinkets like miniature dolls of Russian premieres; a more formal dining room behind a beaded curtain (iron was too costly); and an intimate Eastern-feeling lounge with rugs decking the walls, and piles of pillows to sit on.That vodka selection is as massive as Ivan Drago and equally likely to cause brain damage, starting with 30+ infusions (they're aiming for 120) served in flights, shots, and alongside caviar. Because caviar is the least filling foodstuff in the history of foodstuffs, they're trotting out the likes of borsch, sacivi (traditional Georgian chicken, served cold w/ onion, garlic, walnut), beef Stroganoff, and the chef's signature lamb shank in sweet & sour sauce.To help you get into the spirit they've got a closet of traditional Russian garb at the entrance you're welcome to throw on, ranging from military hats to thick coats for those times when there's no war, but there is cold.