It's raining cocktails

Not an indication that Wall Street's now trading bundled atmospheric conditions, Weather Up is the Austin offshoot of an NYC classic cocktail lounge that's made over the former Shuck Shack with subway-tiled ceiling arches and custom block light fixtures. The dimly lit den offers 14 pages' worth of drinks, served with what Vanilla became when he could no longer afford a tattoo artist: hand-carved ice

The menu's broken down by spirit and preparation (rocks, served long, stirred up...), with whiskey numbers stretching from the Rattlesnake (rye, absinthe, egg white, Angostura bitters), to the bourbon/Islay Scotch/maple syrup Don Lockwood -- named for Gene Kelly's Singin' in the Rain character, it will give you a glorious feeling that hopefully won't lead to dancing in the same precipitation

If you fear the brown liquor, try the Moonraker #1 (Cognac, Lillet Blanc, peach liqueur, absinthe), the Don Gorgon (cachaca, Aperol, demerara syrup, fresh cinnamon), or the tequila/house ginger syrup/creme de cassis El Diablo, which'll heat you up even in a Blizzard

Even if you're not hungry you'll think you are, so they're also slowly unrolling small bites like sockeye salmon tartare treated with mezcal -- at this place, even the fish is drinking the stuff that makes guys think their stock is soaring.