Food & Drink

Yellow Jacket Social Club

There's nothing more inspiring than a great mascot, especially for people who dream of one day also having a job stumbling around blotto in public, and maybe even beating up a Tree! Inspiring you to do some drinking of your own, Yellow Jacket Social Club.Named for one of the service-industry-vet owner's high school mascots, YJSC has just opened in the former Cafe Mundi space, where they're slinging hefty snacks and booze in a setting that matches Marfa-chic with DIY craftsmanship via Christmas-lighted dog-friendly outdoor seating, reclaimed wood rebar-legged tables, and a bar crafted with metal from the old Banana Farm skatepark -- a far more adult place to find yourself belly-up. Locally sourced eats are prepped by a chef from the Highball, from The Picnic (a short app list w/ goat cheese & piloncillo caramel, marinated pork-loin satay, etc.), to sandos like a Gruyere/tuna sourdough panini, salami w/ fontina, roasted red pepps, and Kalamata tapenade, and the wine-braised-onion'd, ropa vieja-style Cuban Beef, which Obama should just finish, much as Nixon did the Chinese Beef. Sips spill from a wall-mounted tap-tree, with Coors, Real Ale's Rio Blanco, Fireman's 4, San Fran's Anchor Steam, Left Hand Milk Stout, and orange-peeling Blue Moon -- also a terrifying sight not even the unrated version of Old School would display. Jacket's also sliding out blue-collar bottles like PBR and Lonestar, and there's also a full bar, though the cocktail program is still in flux -- but as with all hard liquor, you can bet it'll be stuff your own Tree won't be able to Bear.