Anything less would be uncivilized

Because drinking wells is for 21yr-olds and clumsy children, opt instead for drink.well. Focused on American spirits, the cozy addition to North Loop's imbibing renaissance is spearheaded by married Tipsy Tech alums who spent nearly a year on design touches -- from a slyly hidden HDTV, to an exposed-brick Superman/Wonder Woman mural, a sure sign that you'll be leaving here in bracelets.

Showcasing fresh-squeezed juices and housemade cordials/syrups, adventurous concoctions count the Royale with Ease (Tenneyson Absinthe, grapefruit, hibiscus), the Dead Man's Party (white, rye & bourbon whiskeys, cherry liqueur, Don's #2 tiki spices, Bittermens tiki bitters), and The Great Defector: Beguiling Balcones Rumble, orgeat, and egg whites, also a fun game punk Cowboy fans played with Danny's kids in the mid-'80s.

There are also cocktails for evil tequila lovers (El Diablo, w/ blackberry cordial, ginger brew), Reds (The Communist: gin, orange, lemon, cherry brandy), and Ben E. King fans (The Spanish Harlem: aged rum, orange sherry, house date syrup, mole bitters), plus all-American beers including bombers like Brooklyn Local 2, which is the number of NY natives still living in Williamsburg.

Tempering your boozing's a short menu of "approachable but not typical" eats conceived by Bravo's Chef Roble, including a fried bologna & cheese, chicken sausage & waffles drizzled in smoked chili-honey, and housemade Twinkies, a dessert children clumsy and otherwise dream of when forced to eat well.