Reviving an 86-year-old boozery

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, unless, of course, it's actually an old Dogg, and that trick's got a hella gangsta ass. Gloriously proving that adage wrong with doggystyle, Bec's Bar & Bistro.

Resurrecting an Irish drinking/eating institution in Berkeley, Bec's takes over a building erected in 1925 and leaves most of the awesomely old two-story edifice as is (ivy-covered on the outside, hardwooded on the inside), but upgrades the old Emerald Isle pub edibles with new Cali cuisine that's "upscale", also what Kirstie Alley barks at her weighing machine, when she feels it's undervaluing her weight. Inspired by a French chef-restaurateur, the new eats include small plates like a served-'til-1a "Just Prosciutto" flat bread pizzeta, sauteed portobello sliders smothered in rosemary aioli, and mango salsa-topped beer-battered shrimp tacos, plus entrees like a Creme de Gruyere-topped pan-roasted chicken breast dubbed the Farm Wife's Bounty, which has to be pretty substantial since John signed that $25m deal with the Niners. There's also plenty to wash it all down thanks to bars on both floors stocked with 23 beers, a plentiful selection of Scotches/vodkas/tequilas, and specialty drinkables like the Tijuana Mule (tequila, ginger beer, simple syrup lime), Coconut Coffee (coconut rum, coffee, cream), and a bourbon/Carpano Antica/bitters-mixed Berkeley Manhattan, which is Project-quality bomb.

Best of all, hit Bec's semi-private back room on the second floor Tuesday nights between 7-9p and you can crash a student-run Cal course called the "Berkeley Whiskey Club", which'll take you through weekly discounted tastings that could very well leave you asking the question: And Who Am I?