Food & Drink

JM Curley

Cocktail at JM Curley
Dave Baldwin

Affectionately named for one of the Hub's more dubious mayors (four terms in office, two in jail), this heavy-on-the-exposed brick DTX drink-eatery from the folks behind BiNA/Lala Rokh pours a lineup of draft/bottle suds like Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner, Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter, and paper bag-enshrouded 40s of Colt 45 at its 14-seat concrete bar. Brunch-thru-late-night-dinner fare includes fried chicken waffle sliders w/ tasso and Swiss, a bottomless bowl of cereal, and BBQ pulled pork on sourdough topped w/ cheddar, bacon, and jamama sauce, though maybe if jamama wasn't always so sauced, she'd be able to get a job! Oh snap! Where is Wilmer Valderrama's MTV show when you need it?

Burger at JM Curley
Dave Baldwin