Be there, or Jean-Claude Van Damme will kick you in the head

Remember that movie where Colin Farrell is a rookie hit man and he goes to Belgium to hide out until Ralph Fiennes tells him what to do and while he's there he gets in a fistfight with a Canadian and makes out with a chick named Chloe? Well, while they were there, other less guilty/murderous Belgians were producing over 1100 varieties of beer, a crap ton of which you can taste at the South End's upcoming Belgian Beer Fest.

This two-day, three-session celebration of brews from the land of sugared-up waffles features 185 beers via 75 brewers that range from authentic, straight from the monestary Trappist suds to American versions inspired by the lowest of the Low Countries. After getting your Belgian francs converted to Euros, then converted to Canadian dollars, then converted to American ones, snag a ticket, and you'll get a 2oz cup and three hours to roam the room, sampling locals like Backlash's Groundswell Pale Ale, Allagash's Smoke & Beards Tripel, and Boulevard's The Sixth Glass. From there go native with Antwerp's De Koninck Belgian Pale, Rodenbach's Classic Flanders Red, and even a Strong Dark Ale from Zeven Zonden, which means "Seven Sins" in English and "I'm going to sext someone I will regret while in the Cyclorama on September 7th-8th".

And to ensure that the beer, unlike Jean-Claude's fame after filming Bloodsport, doesn't go straight to your head, fill up on meat pies from Aussie fave KO Catering, and cubed-sugar-infused Belgian deliciousness from Waffle Cabin, which, while from Vermont, sounds perfectly at home In Bruges.

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