Find what you're drinking tonight

If you love Urban Grape in Chestnut Hill, but really only go out that far to indulge in Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple cheesecake while casually shoplifting in the nearly empty Atrium, they've now got you covered, by opening their first non-Hill store today in the South End. The universally lauded wine-and-ale purveyors' second act looks kind of like what would happen if an Apple store and a library had a store baby that was really into booze, with its sleek white walls & chairs, sick ceiling lights made from old-school Roman fermenting vessels, and bookshelves stacked with 760 different wines. Unlike most places that stack their wines by grape (boo!!), UG essentially groups them by how they'll react to your taste buds (its called "progressive shelving"), and will even let you figure out how to tell them you only like white zins by letting you hit samples from their 16-bottle-capacity Enoround tasting machine. And if you don't actually like white zins, or any wine, they've got a crazy deep selection of craft beers (around 400, currently including many local Oktoberfests and pumpkin brews), and have a beer expert on staff to ensure that finding the right suds to pair with that Factory doggy bag is actually a piece of cake.