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Party down with new Cisco brews in not-bottles

This is a story about a party next Wednesday at Tavern on the Water celebrating Cisco Brewery's recent expansion of the number of beers they serve in a can. That's it. Any sexual innuendo stemming from the name "We Love It In The Can" is entirely coincidental, no ifs, ands, or butts. Er, buts! Definitely buts. Anyway, drop an Andy Jackson, and you'll receive:

  • Four beers, including, for the first time ever in a can, their Summer of Lager & Indie IPA, versatile enough to enjoy whether it's May or Decemberist.
  • Free samples of "unusual" Cisco brews, like their Farmhouse Series fermented in wood barrels from the winery.
  • As many passed vittles as you can politely cram into your mouth and shirt pockets, including Philly (boo!) cheesesteak (yay!) spring rolls w/ chipotle ketchup, flank steak skewers w/ teriyaki marinade, and grilled kielbasa w/ dijon honey dipping sauce.
  • Entrance into a temporary tattoo contest, with a Cisco Brewery gift basket, resto gift cards & more up for grabs to the person who exhibits the "most interesting placement" of said tat -- and given the name of the event, you know where it should go... on your latissimus dorsi, or ankle, or something.