Food & Drink

40 pumpkin beers. One pumpkin flatbread. All sorts of good times.

Thanks to Cambridge Brewing Company, you no longer have to be a security blanket-toting child with eight poorly drawn strands of hair to believe in the Great Pumpkin. CBC's Great Pumpkin Beer Festival will have a ton of food, drink, and more honoring that gourd-like squash you carve so poorly. To wit: An all-pumpkin inside diner menu, featuring things like fried duck confit fritters w/ a maple & pumpkin sauce, pumpkin risotto w/ lobster, vanilla, brown butter & pomegranate, and a housemade Ipswich pork scrapple w/ apple butter, eggs & griddled pumpkin bread. A grill menu tempting you to abandon your Master Cleanse via grilled pumpkin flatbreads w/ pumpkin seed pesto, and brats with pumpkin ale mustard. 40 pumpkin beers on tap. Yep. 11 from CBC (Grey Ghost, Great Pumpkin Ale, etc.) and many more from guest breweries including Clipper City Great Pumpkin, Avery Rumpkin, and Sam Adams Fat Jack, also the central premise of that season of 24 they never renewed.On top of all that, at 10p, there is a "pumpkin processional" in which "CBC Monks" bring a giant pumpkin filled with Great Pumpkin Ale through the restaurant to the patio for tapping, though if you want your own taste beforehand, you can get it for Peanuts. Or drink tickets.