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Create classy spirits in your own damn kitchen

Everyone knows that vermouth was invented by two dudes from Falmouth who moved to Vermont in the 18th century, then stolen by the Italians, who now claim they never even met those two dudes from Falmouth who moved to Vermont and invented vermouth. But what you probably didn't know is that you can make the fortified wine in your kitchen, assuming you listen to Jackson Cannon and his crack team from Eastern Standard. Here's how the 90min class goes down (in three sweet sentences!)

First: It kicks off with a detailed breakdown of vermouth's four parts: a base wine, caramelized/liquified sugar, fortifiers like Cognac, port, or brandy, and a handful of bittering agents such as wormwood, orange peel, sage, or Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black

Second: After a short quiz that you'll likely fail, the ish gets real, and they'll break out the hot plates to cook up a batch right in front of your eyes. This is not a reference to drugs. Or is it?!? (No. It's not.

Third!: Since vermouth -- like Chad Johnson after two consecutive plays from scrimmage -- needs a few days to rest, they'll put that batch aside, break out some that's good to go, and engage in a classic cocktail taste-off, comparing homemade versions to their commercial counterparts

And when you're done with all that drinking and witty bantering, they'll send you off with a ready-to-go starter kit complete with a packet of pre-measured botanicals & spices, a handy how-to guide, cocktail recipes, and a bottle of the finished product -- though if you happen to pass by any Italians on your way home, watch your back!