Food & Drink

Only get involved if you like casks of booze and fancy ham on eggs

The night before T-day, stop going to your lame BB&N reunion at Beacon Hill Pub and hit Hawthorne's charity birthday bash, an evening of high class hobnobbing you could never replicate by sitting on the Pop-A-Shot listening to Joe Epstein tell you where he does Krav Maga, thanks to:

  • Samples from Jackson Cannon's handpicked, first-in-the-US cask of Bols Genever, which comes straight from Holland after being aged four years there in French oak.
  • Cocktails like a Bully Boy rum & Peychaud's bitters "Daiquiri Time Out", Joe Epstein's favorite Eastern Standard Whiskey Smash, and draft pours of Island Creek's Pilsner, in case you don't want to get Bols deep.
  • Foodstuffs like Formaggio’s...formaggio, skewers of pepper-spiced venison, crispy prosciutto-topped deviled eggs, and apple wood smoked duck breast, all finished by a round of dessert "cocktail" macaroons you'd never find at the BHP, unless macaroon is French for "Joe Epstein macking on some morally casual girls from class of '04".

Photo Credit: Sam Gray