You'll never have beer this rare again

Put down that Tequiza right now! Okay, phew. Now pick it back up and throw it against the wall, because A) it's got to be expired as that brand hasn't been around for three years, B) it'll make you look kind of crazy/ tough, and C) ONCEMADE will send you something better. Just now taking orders starting today, ONCE is a quarterly collab (from the dudes over at Pintley) that pairs two single batch suds from local MA brewers, and sends them to you in awesome hand-numbered pinewood boxes, along with handmade wooden coasters, a piece of the barrel the beer was aged in, and a hand-signed letter from the brewer, who is almost definitely not Robin Yount. Their first release includes two sour Imperial Saisons, one from Everett's Night Shift Brewing, and the other from Boston's Backlash, both of which have been aged with MA raspberries from hilarious elementary school kids in local red wine/ Cali brandy barrels. Depending on fermentation, you should get the bottles as early as the end of August, at which point you won't want to put it down, except to clean up all that dangerous glass now spread across your floor.