Food & Drink

Bulls Bar Bonanza

The Bulls are hitting the stretch run, so we've worked up some top secret food & bev specials just for you, 'cause there's no better way to show your support than by being a Boozer.

Shoot the Bull-ski At Trader Todd's: 3216 N Sheffield Ave, btwm Belmont and School; Lakeview; 773.348.3250 Just repainted to match the team's colors, get four friends together to take down this half-priced plank loaded with shots of layered red (sloe berry) and black (wild berry) vodka on game day, then hope you land a gratis one courtesy of a D Rose triple-double, fittingly what you'll be seeing the rest of the night. It's ski season at

The Gambler Challenge At The Snuggery: 6733 N Olmsted, at Oshkosh; Edison Park; 773.631.8100 Loaded with two pounds of beef and two more of fixins, this burger behemoth typically checks in at $14.99, but put in your order prior to game time and they'll take a dollar off for each point the Bulls win by, meaning Milwaukee won't be the only one whose Bucks get dropped. Roll the dice at

The Derrick Roseburger At The Pony: 1638 W Belmont Ave, btwn Ashland and Paulina; Lakeview; 773.828.5055 While his recent ulcers may keep him from hitting his beloved spicy food, that doesn't mean you shouldn't go to town on this pepperjack & jalapeno-covered burger that's topped with pulled pork in honor of Rose's stint in Memphis -- just don't pretend to not see the irony when it forces to you vacate everything. Take it for a ride at

The Boozer At Cleo's: 1935 W Chicago Ave, at Winchester; Ukranian Village; 312.243.5600 Hit the northerly outpost of Cleo's for this discounted riff on a Long Island that's Bulls-ified with a splash of grenadine, and should Booze transcend his average to drop 30, they'll comp you one in shot form, leading to your own fade away. Get your Booze on at

The Red-Headed Scalabrine At The Fifty/50: 2047 W Division St, btwn Damen and Hoyne; Wicker Park; 773.489.5050 A nod to the Bulls' top ginger and his totally wanton sex life (?), The Fifty-50's knocking their Jager/peach schnapps/cran combo down to $5 on gamedays, and if Scal scores a single point they'll go freebie on their "How Much For Just One Rib" special, so...enjoy those drinks! Your odds of free ribs are much lower than