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Duhduhduhduhduhduhduhduh... TEQUILA!

The mere mention of "tequila" can bring back all sorts of memories, assuming you've never drank tequila before. For tequila and more so awesome you'll be incapable of forgetting it, hit Masa Azul.From a couple of longtime friends -- one a chef and the other a self-proclaimed "tequila geek" -- MA's a 50-seat house of artisanal liquid gold and modern Southwestern cuisine that sports an appropriate copper/azure color scheme, and brick walls decked with agave stalks transformed into vibrant, hand-painted walking sticks, assisting you with the very thing their other byproduct makes so difficult. The nearly 90-strong list runs from blancos to single barrel extra anejos, and includes a selection of mezcal and lesser-known sotol (made from a plant known as the Desert Spoon), while those looking to mix it up'll find cocktails ranging from a salt-rimmed mango/mint creation spiced with cracked pepper & jalapeno and called The Snake Bite, to a reposado & Damiana margarita called The Sexy, which, after a few, you may mistakenly think you're too much of for your shirt. To soak up the sauce they're also plating up habanero-glazed, cornbread-stuffed quail, chipotle sea scallops w/ poblano blue cheese sauce, and pineapple & tequila chutney-topped mesquite duck breast, though typically those with wood don't duck breasts.There's also a 25-bottle global wine list, and a selection of craft brews that includes Breckenridge Agave Wheat, but remember...nothing at all man, you were just drinking tequila!