Old-school drinking in Old Town

Some comebacks take a while to come together, so it's essential to always keep up-to-date contact info on that punk who made fun of your L.A. Gear Regulators in 6th grade (just accept the LinkedIn request, Jason Fink), as you never know when you'll have an epic comeback on your hands that was decades in the making, like The Glunz Tavern.From the family that runs Old Town wine shop House of Glunz, the adjacent tavern first opened in 1888, but, unlike the shop, remained closed post-Prohibition until now. Harkening back to the glory days with no help from Springsteen, they opted for the original wainscoting, tin ceiling plus old menus and signage that've been in storage all this time, then added old-school Chicago flourishes like furniture from the original Berghoff and a massive mirror snagged from the Ambassador East. They've tapped the chef from Butcher & The Burger to conceive the Franco-German menu, featuring a much-deeper than the Maginot lineup of sweetbread & escargot bourguignon, fried-egg topped Holsteiner schnitzel, and slow-cooked coq au Rielsling that you see above.They'll also offer a rotating selection of small-batch wines, eight seasonal beer taps, and reserve whiskey from exclusive Scotches to Van Winkle bourbon aged 15 years, almost as long as you've been waiting to tell Jason that Paula Abdul totally wore LA Gear and... crap, maybe it's better to wait a few more decades.