Old-timey drinking in Lincoln Park

Because the Great Depression spawned some great depressants, go check out The Barrelhouse Flat, a two-floored temple to classic cocktailing named for the '30s blues song by Mary Johnson, housed in a brick- and wood paneling-heavy 1892 building now sporting a vintage lounge-y upstairs equipped with a pool table and fireplace, so, just like FDR, you may have difficulty walking after a fireside chat.The drink program, directed by a Violet Hour alum, is broken down into sections for Stirred, Shaken/Swizzled, Bubbles, and Egg, with housemade sodas & bitters going into 60-plus classic libations like the Ford Cocktail (London dry gin, dry vermouth, Benedictine, orange bitters), the rum/ lime/ grapefruit/ Maraschino'd Papa Doble, and the tequila/ Creme de Cassis /ginger soda /lime El Diablo, which oddly doesn't enhance your performance at the NES classic Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball.They're also doing old-school punches, filling custom-cart-delivered bowls with The Golden Fleece (gin, green tea, lemon, pineapple syrup, Drambuie), and a Jamaican rum/ peach brandy/ Cognac concoction called the Fish House, thankfully not the Phish House, which is just Bathtub Gin.Snacks-wise they'll be doing seasonal small plates like a riff on a Waldorf salad, and a Pig's Face Poutine studded w/ figs and shallots, and adding to the atmosphere will be a piano player tickling the ivories at an upright piano, and, when he's on break, the tunes'll come from a rebuilt vintage jukebox stocked with old 45s of blues and ragtime, depressingly considered in the '30s to be formal wear.