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A cozy beer haven on Lincoln

If the ever-increasing tightness of your carpenter Bugle Boys is any indication, good beer has a tendency to promote expansion. Yet another indication is Half Acre's tap room, which gives the North Center brewery the space to welcome nearly 100 suds enthusiasts in a lodge-like drinking nook sporting Douglas fir tables, weathered walls re-purposed from a Wisconsin grain elevator, and a painting of a brew-swilling bear. No, not Lance Briggs.The 10 taps are avail in four pours ranging from a 5oz taste to a 20oz tastier taste, and include HA's mainstays like Daisy Cutter, plus less-familiar offerings like their Ouija Pils, Alpenglow Winter Dark Ale, and Vallejo, a hop-forward San Diego-style IPA that presumably leaves you shirtless and prone to complaining about temperatures below 78 degrees. They'll also be gettin' down Rebecca Black style on Fridays (except, you know, drinking), rolling out limited cask and firkin releases like a homegrown pepper-infused version of their Sticky Fat Dark Ale.If you'd like something to take home, they're selling all of the variously sized new glassware, and they'll gladly fill up growlers, or 32oz half-growlers, assuming you want those carpenter Bugle Boys to last you through the Winter.