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200 brews flowing on Division

Possibly named for what might happen to your body/economic situation after too many trips there, Fatpour is indeed large -- two stories of brick, steel & beer, the latter evidenced by the glass-encased, 60-capacity keg cooler running through the center of both floors, which you might even take the time to admire if you can look away from the 40-plus flatscreens

Before you dance with the beer, you must lay a base, so they're deep on burgers like the Badger (they're repping University of Wisconsin) stuffed with Merkts cheddar and topped with cheese curds, or the teriyaki-infused Pineapple Express with stout caramelized pineapple, Sriracha, chipotle plum jam & James Franco. Wait no, bacon. If burgers aren't your thing, really? Really?!?!?! hit the smoked gouda mac 'n cheese w/ house-dried tomato, sauteed spinach & a beer-braised pork butt that also appears on wood-fired 'za like the Notorious P.I.G., which'll Hypnotize you with four additional kinds of swine: bacon, prosciutto, sausage, and pepperoni

And oh yes, that beer -- they have more than 200 altogether, including 50 on tap (Firestone Walker Wookey Jack, Cisco Pumple Drumkin), plus a quartet of booths equipped with their own customizable metered tap, giving you more than enough suds to leave you fat, poor, and, unlike those taps, incapable of working.