Food & Drink

Cocktailing in a River North basement

Drinking in basements used to be a necessary Prohibition-era approach to evading the long arm of the law, until subsequent generations realized that it was also kind of sweet (and that normal cops usually just have regular arms). Prohibit continues in that grand tradition, tucked away in a subterranean nook below Slurping Turtle and waaay below penthouse lounge NV (which runs the joint), offering a cinder block-laden aesthetic that's far more modern industrial than Roaring '20s.They are keeping the cocktails squarely in yesteryear, however, whipping up throwbacks like the vanilla accented, bourbon- 'n rum-based Milk Punch and the gin, absinthe & Cointreau Corpse Reviver No. 2, so amended after the first one made the zombies slightly too sexually aggressive. Like Rex Ryan's wife, much of the light-bites menu is surrounded with pork (prosciutto-covered dates, bacon-wrapped asparagus), or get your dip on with a housemade spread of tzatziki and tapenade.If you plan on sticking around, they'll also hook up tableside bottle service (booze or bubbly, whatever you're feeling), though beware any server attempting long strong arm tactics.