Food & Drink

A subterranean lounge from the Baume & Brix folks

People always talk about how difficult it is to open a restaurant, but those people are clearly just whiny, lazy losers, because the crew behind Baume & Brix is at it again with The Grid. The subterranean lounge still gets some light from windows peeking up at Hubbard St, and a little more from the chrome fireplaces anchoring booths so big they could hold a small army, assuming said army was on leave and not, you know, doing army things.They're keeping revelers sated with next-level bar snacks (duck fat popcorn, pad Thai-flavored peanuts), and jars full of spreadable goodness like cave-aged cheddar "pimento" spread with roasted red peppers, and flagoulet beans with truffle Amere bitters, which, unlike Amare bitters, have nothing to do with a hefty contract and a suspect knee. They're also butter-poaching boneless wings before dusting them with freeze-dried buffalo powder, and taking poutine to Krause-ian levels of fatness with chunky pork belly gravy and burrata.Get your cocktail on with a Thai-style mojito made with coconut ginger syrup and cilantro, or a Pocket Aces, made with Inca Kola, bitters, and Famous Grouse, which is either a blended Scotch or the old complaint about restaurant openings being "soooooo damn hard".