Food & Drink

A fresh face in Wrigleyville with a beautiful burger

You never know what you're going to get with rookies in Wrigleyville: sometimes they flop like Kevin Orie (Who? Exactly.), other times they come out hot like Anthony Rizzo, and still others lose their magical pitching powers after Gary Busey starts doing their mom. Well, this time you're at least guaranteed to get fed & quenched at Rookies, a sunny sports lounge decked with canvas-printed photos of semi-notable athletic people like MJ, Gretzky, and Ali

Lead things off with 312-battered onion rings w/ Sriracha yogurt sauce, citrus-infused carnitas tacos, or poutine served either traditional brown gravy-style or amped up with lobster sauce, also what they drink when they want to come out of their shells. Then, nab a burger like the minced lamb number flavored w/ jalapeno & ginger and topped w/ mint raita, or do what Matt Stairs would do and go with the Rookies Burger: a 2lb double w/ cheddar, pepper jack, grilled onions, mushrooms, and bacon slapped between two grilled cheeses, which is free if finished with all the fixins and fries in 15 minutes or less, a feat that also lands you in the Rookies Hall of Fame... this is your chance, Kevin Orie

Bottles range from standards to craft options (damn right you wanna drink some Duvel while watching Tim Kurkjian talk about OPS), and the seasoned bartender boldly claims he can handle any cocktail you can throw at him, unless of course it's at 103mph, or lobbed really high in the playoffs.