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Lakeview gets its own beercade

If a girl overhears you say "I'm going back to Headquarters", she'll undoubtedly think you're some kind of suave international spy and follow you, only to find out you're something even more unusual... a dude who likes beer and video games! Named for the head that forms on a beer and the quarters you'll spend while drinking them, Headquarters is keeping you occupied with:Games: Their 20-some titles will appeal to your sporting instincts with the likes of Tecmo Bowl (Walter Payton!), NBA Jam (definitely not Michael Jordan!), and Excite Bike, your uber-retro instincts with Space Invaders, Centipede, and Asteroids, and your dragon instincts with Double Dragon, Dungeons & Dragons, and... well, actually that's it. Drinks: Their cicerone-curated beer list has selections like Oskar Blues Deviant Dale's, Dark Horse Raspberry, and Green Flash IPA, and the suds also make their way into cocktails like the Raging Bull (jerky-infused bourbon with Baltic Porter, maple & a haunting Robert DeNiro performance lemon), though there are also non-suds options like Who's Got The Mott's, made with vodka, apple bitters, and actual applesauce.They don't have a kitchen per se, but they're happy to let you call/ haul in eats from nearby establishments like Pompeii, Nori Sushi, and Naked Pizza, which you'll likely end up taking back to your place to get naked yourself, once she finds out you're one of those rare, dashing video game enthusiasts.