Food & Drink

What to drink and where to drink it

Since you can't hit every Dallas Beer Week event without being forced by the DPD to reacquaint yourself with how to use a pay phone, we've selected a quartet of happenings that especially merit your woozy attention

Jack Mac's Swill & Grill's Local Beer Dinner (Tomorrow): The Texas craft-paired four-courser stretches from DEBC Rye Pils & TX goat cheese w/ lime risotto, to a dessert as top secret as the planned 2014 sequel to the Val Kilmer classic (didn't hear about that? exactly)

Pay early, drink late

Four Corners' First Tour (Saturday): The Trinity Groves brewery's actually a converted big-rig garage that's got a built in loft-stage for live music, plenty of parking for food trucks, and of course, plenty of All Day ale, which, ironically, doesn't start pouring 'til 1p.

Tix. You need 'em, and they're right here.

DEBC's First Anniversary Tour (Saturday): DEBC's official birthday party features tappings of favorites (Dreamcrusher, Darkest Hour, Wealth & Taste...) and the debut of their anniversary brew, Pollinator, an oak-aged honey dopplebock on a mission to destroy Sarah Connor's flower bed.

Your all-access pass awaits

Ten Bells Tavern's Special Pairing Menu (All Week): The OC's Brit-pub's trotting out a trio of locally-paired menu items, like Velvet Hammer & a corned beef/saurkraut/marble rye 'wich, Cedar Creek Scruffy's Smoked Alt w/ bangers & mash and caramelized onion jus, and Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout w/ glazed short ribs -- if that's not enough for you, call your lawyer.