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DEBC's latest, and FireWheel's first

Between half the Mavs' roster, and half of Morgan Fairchild, there's a lot of "new" in Dallas right now. Add beer to that list, because both DEBC and FireWheel Brewing Co are hosting brew unveilings in the next few days. Here's what you'll guzzle, and where

FireWheel Texas Style Pale Ale: This one-man Rowlett operation is helmed by a North Dallas native who once worked in biz/finance, but now just wants to make beer, which he does by hand, from the brewing down to painting the taps. Tonight at Common Table he's hosting a live-music-enhanced debut (w/ free pint glasses and t-shirts) of a 5.5% ale whose "big bite" is balanced by strong maltiness, strong Maltaness generally reserved for ending WWII.

DEBC Wealth & Taste: Launching Tuesday at Common Table, with live music from RTB2 and Descender, is the seasonal Wealth & Taste, a golden, 9.5% Belgian-style ale brewed with Muscat grape juice, grapefruit peel, rose hips, and chamomile flowers, then aged in Chardonnay barrels, because sometimes Donkey Kong likes to destroy stuff classy-like

DEBC Dallas Blonde: DEBC's got a second tapping at Katy Trail next Friday (yeah, you get to keep the glass), this time of a 5.2% American-style blonde that's both "citrusy and floral", making it equally at home with sushi & nachos, both of which you can find in new Dallasite OJ Mayo's beard.