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Work hard this preseason, or you'll enter the regular season out of shape

You know how last year pretty much every NFL player pulled a hammy because they went straight into Fall with no training camp? Well, your liver has a hamstring too, and to make sure you don't pull it come October, you should hit these sudsy feasts, both of which will feature starters even though it's the preseason: Maui Brewing Co. at the Addison Flying Saucer: Maui's about as far from Germany as you can get, but then again, everywhere feels pretty much the same when you're drinking (i.e., awesome), so go full-boar tonight on four courses of Southwestern Hawaiian fare (BBQ pork shoulder sandwich in cherry-chipotle sauce w/ apple-blue cheese slaw & herb potatoes...) and five beers including Sobrehumano Palena’ole, a red fruit ale unlikely to leave you a Soberhumano.Lust after the entire sexy menu, right hereBrooklyn Brewing Co. at the Meddlesome Moth: New toque David McMillan (Screen Door) is preparing a 5-courser along the lines of Local 1 paired with cedar-planked-salmon-topped corn pancakes, Korn pancakes not being a thing because those dudes are too small to play offensive line, and also hold football responsible for their undying misery.Drool over things like duck wings on this menuNot sufficiently motivated? Then check out this website entirely dedicated to busty wenches drinking beer without you. Feel free to make like a hammy, and pull it.