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It's just so effing hot out

Published On 08/11/2011 Published On 08/11/2011
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1. The Record, and the To Hell With The Record 831 Exposition Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226

Tomorrow, we tie 1980. Saturday, we break it. So, The Amsterdam's whipped up a celebratory concoction, and an anti-celebratory one, both available for just $3 only to those ballsy enough to sit on their patio: "The Record", a refreshing mix of Burnett's Sweet Tea Vodka dashed with peach schnapps in a tall, ice-filled, lemon-rimmed glass topped with water & soda; and the "To Hell With The Record", a shot involving Tabasco floating on Hacienda Bonita tequila, with a ball of horseradish in the glass's bottom -- signifying that anything Nature throws at you, you'll handle with an abundance of Ric Flair.